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True Citrus draws consumers to powdered beverage with flavor being the key

True Citrus has prioritized developing of products that hold up to consumer expectations of citrus flavors.

True Citrus credits its past years of accelerated business growth to its simple brand strategy rooted in taste and transparency.

With an approachable price point and 'tasteless' turmeric, ARYA Curcumin+ is targeting a mainstream consumer audience.

ARYA Curcumin+ aims to be turmeric beverage with mainstream appeal

'Consumers are turning to the flavor profile of a standard carbonate, rather than traditional energy drink tastes'

Monster Energy Ultra Citron launches as low calorie energy drinks rise 32%

European juice manufacturers look to variety-specific juice drinks. ©iStock/ruivalesousa

Manufacturers take purist approach as European demand for variety-specific juice increases

Blossom Water expects to hit triple sales growth in 2017, following three consecutive years of double sales growth, co-founder Steve Fortuna said

Blossom Water expects to be in full bloom in 2017 as demand for floral essence water grows

Expanding the diversity of brewing yeast increases opportunities for beer innovation, says Renaissance BioScience. Pic:iStock/dor-riss

Harnessing yeast’s natural biodiversity to help fuel innovation in craft brewing

AB InBev & Keurig will help consumers create alcoholic beverages at home. Stock picture: iStock/RomanIsaykov

AB InBev and Keurig announce R&D joint venture for in-home alcohol drink system


Pernod Ricard announces ‘world’s first connected cocktail library’

Different texture combinations used to market foods in 2016. ©iStock

What will the top texture trends be in 2017?

Hop Pop delivers a refreshing, sweet flavor with a bitter aftertaste similar to a strong IPA, co-founder Zach Corn said.

Hop Pop: Hops-flavored craft soda has the ‘IPA aftertaste’ without the hangover

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