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Surge of M&A activity in global liquor industry shows no sign of ending

Mergers and acquisitions in liquor market after Casamigos takeover

Diageo’s recent announcement of a record $1bn deal to takeover Casamigos, the fastest growing super-premium tequila brand in the US (and co-founded by George Clooney), is just the latest indicator of intensified M&A activity in the liquor segment.

Trump floated a 20% import tax on goods coming from Mexico and the revenue would be used to pay for construction of the border wall between US and Mexico. ©iStock/monticello

Constellation Brands: 'It's too early to know' how Trump policies will affect Mexican beer portfolio

Constellation Brands today announces Pic: iStock/kolae

Constellation Brands sells Canadian wine business; buys US-based Charles Smith Wines

Constellation Brands' CEO said the acquisition of wine company Meiomi & craft beer Ballast Point coincides favorably with a consumer shift to premium beverages

Constellation Brands CEO credits upbeat Q1 sales to its premium wine and beer brands

From San Diego to Virginia: Ballast Point. Pic: Flickr/PeterAnderson

East Coast brewery for Ballast Point announced

What's brewing for Constellation Brands - and its newly acquired craft brewery Ballast Point? Pic: iStock

Constellation Brands outlines plans for Ballast Point and overall beer business

Constellation Brands' portfolio now includes The Prisoner and Meiomi. Pic:iStock/SilverJohn

'All the big growth in wine is in higher price points like The Prisoner': Constellation Brands

Picture: Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands recalls Corona Extra due to glass concerns

Can big companies purchasing craft breweries keep the cool factor?

Small spaces, big companies: Can big corporations keep craft’s cool factor after the acquisition?

Constellation is set to purchase Ballast Point Brewery.

Constellation Brands to pay $1bn to purchase Ballast Point Brewery

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