Soft drinks industry to stop selling sugary drinks in EU secondary schools


The European soft drinks industry will voluntarily cease sales of drinks with added sugars to secondary schools in the European Union, industry association UNESDA announced today. 


Sugarcane supply chain: Industry urged to address forced labour issues

AMP Energy Organic will be exclusively sold at 7-Eleven stores throughout the US.

AMP Energy launches organic energy drinks answering consumer call for simpler ingredients

PepsiCo is supporting relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Picture: Aquafina.

PepsiCo Foundation donates $1m to Hurricane Harvey relief fund


Beverage giants pledge to limit sugar content of drinks in Singapore


Sweetener combos in food result in irrational metabolic response: Yale study

Red Bull has launched a rage of zero calorie drinks. Picture: Red Bull.

Health-conscious millennials turn to zero-calorie drinks

Picture: istockphoto-HandmadePictures

PepsiCo seeks to patent ‘biological method for preparing Reb M’

PepsiCo has increased efforts to encourage recycling. Picture: PepsiCo.

PepsiCo goes one step further to improve recycling rates across the US

Workers are disappointed in PepsiCo's decision to close a plant in Buenos Aires province. Picture: STIA.

PepsiCo Argentina closes Buenos Aires plant and relocates cookies, snacks & soft drinks production

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