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Winners and losers in non-alcoholic drinks: Mintel

Health and wellness products are driving the non-alcoholic beverage market in the UK. Pic:iStock/tezzstock

With consumers concerned about the sugar content of their drinks, bottled water is a clear winner in today’s UK non-alcoholic beverage market. But what other drinks are doing well - and which ones are struggling?

Yakult has launched Phase III of its 10-year plan, which includes expanding its product range.

Yakult adjusts ten-year plan

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“Frutarom in a cup”: Firm showcases functional drink solutions as acquisition integration begins

LGND is an energy drink with a nootropic profile; ingredients include L-tyrosine and green tea extract

Functional beverages using nootropics will rise, predicts new energy drink LGND

NutraT predicts that the functional hot beverage category will take off in the coming years.

Mongibello teams up with NutraT to launch functional and clean label nutraceutical coffee

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Weight loss brew? Fibre-rich tea and coffee aiming for European success


PepsiCo launches Nutrition Greenhouse incubator: ‘The latest food innovation is coming from both big & small players’

More than a coffee alternative, mōCa is a superfood beverage

More than a coffee alternative, mōCa is a superfood beverage that offers health benefits

There's a bright spot for soft drinks that offer functional health benefits ©iStock/ShootOutLoud

Soft drink brands must play into health trends in order to compete: GlobalData

Blueberry's antioxidant properties helped stressed rats perform better in memory tests. ©iStock

Blues-busters: Study shows blueberry juice antioxidants ease stress

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