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Whey out? Could cricket protein rival whey as a sports nutrition and functional drinks ingredient?

It's not just cricket...researchers are increasingly assessing a range of insects for their protein potential.  ©iStock

Crickets could become a functional protein ingredient to rival casein and whey in nutritional beverages and sports drinks, researchers suggest.

Soy milk is a popular drink in many South East Asian countries. ©iStock

Plant sterol fortified soy milk shows inflammation benefits: Singapore study

The energy drinks market is evolving as its core audience has matured and brands are expanding their marketing platforms. ©iStock/Elisanth_

The energy drinks market is maturing - and so should brands’ marketing strategies, says XYIENCE

With an approachable price point and 'tasteless' turmeric, ARYA Curcumin+ is targeting a mainstream consumer audience.

ARYA Curcumin+ aims to be turmeric beverage with mainstream appeal

Artemis International photo.

Polyphenols specialist Artemis rebrands core line, branches out into purple tea

'You plug the smart cap onto the bottle and then you get your personalised and DIY beverage.' ©iStock

Cap winner? Reusable seals offer healthy beverage options

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Tea sales climb steadily on product development, emergence of tea houses & innovative marketing

Market analysts said Chinese consumers want healthy ingredients in their beverages. Pic: iStock/Kzenon

What are the key trends of the Chinese beverage market in 2017?

'Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater we just need to look at it and find a way of making sure the vulnerable consumer is protected,' says GSK. ©iStock/EldadCarin

Could energy drinks be cut out of the EU caffeine claim loop?

Consumers show a desire for banded ingredients, but branding ingredients is a difficult strategy to pursue. ©iStock

Consumers willing to pay 75% more for known ingredients: Survey

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