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Korozo Ambalaj flexible packaging to expand internationally

Korozo Ambalaj makes flexible packaging for confectionery and bakery among others. Picture: Korozo Ambalaj.

EBRD (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and Esas Holding venture capital firm have acquired a majority stake in Korozo Ambalaj, in Turkey.

Keurig's dominance of the North American coffee pod market will likely continue. ©iStock/Langotastic

Euromonitor: Keurig’s supremacy hinders coffee pod market expansion

©iStock / VladimirFLoyd

Weight loss brew? Fibre-rich tea and coffee aiming for European success

The Vertu Lateral Flow strip test reader

Vicam test detects Ochratoxin A in coffee and wheat

Berkeley soda tax: sugar sweetened beverages down 9.6%

Berkeley soda tax: Volume of SSBs sold decreased by 9.6% in first year, says study


PepsiCo launches Nutrition Greenhouse incubator: ‘The latest food innovation is coming from both big & small players’

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Analytical methods to detect coffee adulteration reviewed

More than a coffee alternative, mōCa is a superfood beverage

More than a coffee alternative, mōCa is a superfood beverage that offers health benefits

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Adverse weather drives Sri Lankan tea prices higher

Somatik cold brew is aiming to be in at least 300 California medical cannabis dispensaries by the end of 2017.

Somatik founder sees a not-too-distant day where cannabis coffee is mainstream

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