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The Dairy Aisle: La Colombe’s clever strategy to stand out in the crowded cold coffee category

Photo: La Colombe

Around 80% of La Colombe’s Draft Latte product is milk, so why not place it in the dairy section? That’s what ran through the mind of EVP of sales Kyle O’Brien, and retailers are going with it.

Superfos Lovemade baby food. Picture: RPC.

RPC Group to acquire North American plastic packaging firm for £552m

Swiss dairy company Emmi said while Switzerland accounts for the majority of its sales, there was growth in its Americas division.

Americas division helps Emmi sales

While all forms of hot drinks will see market growth, coffee will see largest gains, Euromonitor said.  ©iStock/efetova

Coffee pods driving global hot drinks market growth in developed countries: Euromonitor

With the Cafe X mobile app customers can pre-order their coffee, which will be prepared upon arrival after entering a four-digit code.

Café X brings robotic service to the coffee shop, but ‘not intended to replace baristas’

Drinking coffee and tea with additions on a regular basis might impact an individual's daily energy/nutrient intake and diet quality. ©iStock/Easy Company

Sweet and spicy flavours add beverage calories, study notes

Taza Agua join K-cup coffee makers with new water bottle design

Taza Agua to partner with K-cup coffee makers with new water bottle design

Artemis International photo.

Polyphenols specialist Artemis rebrands core line, branches out into purple tea

International Paper makes coated paper cups. Picture: International Paper.

Paper mill explosion causes a ‘sea’ of Black Liquor

Elevated levels of the inflammatory protein IL-1β has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. ©iStock/ArtTim

Does caffeine keep you younger for longer? Stanford study thinks so

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