Will the EU approve energy claims for products like caffeine gels popular with cyclists and other athletes?

European sports nutrition sector backs EFSA caffeine opinion

30-Jan-2015 - The European sports nutrition sector says the recent EFSA opinion that backed daily caffeine intakes up to 400 mg per day, will lift the sector – if it makes it into EU law books.

Baltika #3 Classic

Carlsberg closes two Russian breweries as Baltika attacks 'unbalanced' taxes and regulation

30-Jan-2015 - Carlsberg will close two breweries in Russia and reduce its capacity there by around 15%, with its local subsidiary Baltika Breweries blaming 'disproportionate' laws and taxes.

Diageo brands including Johnnie Walker are now more focused on competiting in the 'modern' on-premise channel in China (Photo: Charles Chan/Flickr)

Bend baijiu like Beckham: Diageo talks up Chinese turnaround but sales keep falling

29-Jan-2015 - Diageo chief Ivan Menezes today talked up the company’s turnaround plan for ‘challenged market’ China – where the company is betting on Beckham-backed Haig Club whisky and lower-cost baijiu - but volume sales still fell 20% year-on-year in H1 2015.

Photo: Reynermedia/Flickr

Turbo Charge Your Liquid Technology: Beverage & Dairy Treatment 2015

29-Jan-2015 - Today's the big day! It's our free-to-access online event on Beverage & Dairy Treatment technology, which will include speakers from big names Zenith, Meiji, LiDestri Food and Beverage and Refresco-Gerber.

Nestlé Ecolean Olper’s rebranding in Pakistan

Nestlé contacts Ecolean following successful Olper’s rebranding in Pakistan

29-Jan-2015 - Nestlé has contacted Ecolean following a successful relaunch of Olper’s UHT milk, owned by Engro Foods in Pakistan.

Key protein provides clues to green tea's touted cancer-fighting ability, say researchers

Researchers find key mechanism in green tea anti-cancer properties

29-Jan-2015 - Green tea and apple compound epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) may trigger a process which sees oral cancer cells killed while healthy cells are left untouched, according to US researchers.

Footballing icon David Beckham features in the Haig Club advert

Diageo escapes red card: ASA clears David Beckham Haig Club whisky advert

29-Jan-2015 - Diageo’s Haig Club whisky advert featuring footballing icon David Beckham has been cleared by UK media regulator the Advertising Standards Authority.

Coca-Cola Canada's 222ml cans

A rose by the same name will taste less sweet: Coca Cola Canada reduces sweetness and calories

29-Jan-2015 - Coca-Cola in Canada will be ‘slightly less sweet’ this year, as the company brings the product in line with its offer across the rest of the world. 

Quillaja saponaria contains naturally foaming compounds

Ingredion rolls out quillaja-derived foaming ingredient across Europe

29-Jan-2015 - Ingredion has introduced its natural foaming agent for non-alcoholic beverages, fruit syrups and cordials derived from Quillaja saponaria (the soapbark tree) to the European market.

'Sorry, this product is not currently available,' says Tesco's online shop

Garlic squash anyone? Tesco withdraws batch after wrong additive used

29-Jan-2015 - Tesco has withdrawn a batch of apple and blackcurrant squash from sale, following complaints from consumers over its ‘garlic odour.’

Jens Petter Wold (left) said chlorophyll is "probably more harmful" to milk when exposed to light than riboflavin.

Chlorophyll, not riboflavin, main cause of 'sun light flavour' in milk: Nofima

28-Jan-2015 - Chlorophyll - the photosensitive compound that gives plants their green colour - is the main cause of "sun light flavour" in milk, Norwegian scientists claim.

Renaissance Yeast, wine, winemaking

Music to wine's ears: Renaissance Yeast ups the tempo with product launches and sales crescendo

28-Jan-2015 - After launching its technology last year, a Canadian business is upping the tempo on its ‘renaissance’ of wine yeasts. 

Photo: Andy Melton/Flickr

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to earlier period onset in teen girls and thus higher breast cancer risk

28-Jan-2015 - Harvard researchers say that teenage girls who regularly quaff drinks with added sugars tend to start their menstrual periods earlier in life than those who don’t, which increases their later breast cancer risk.

Pepsi True contains carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavor, caffeine, and purified stevia leaf extract and is available in 7.5oz cans, 10-oz cans & 12-oz glass bottles

Mid-calorie soda gamble: Pepsi True hits test markets in Denver, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C

28-Jan-2015 - PepsiCo is rolling out its mid-calorie cola Pepsi True at selected retailers in Denver, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. following a soft launch on Amazon to assess demand.

Sensient Flavors unveils flavor trends forecast for 2015

From salted satsuma to Falernum: Sensient Flavors unveils its 2015 flavor trends forecast

28-Jan-2015 - Trendwatchers at Sensient Flavors have identified eight up-and-coming flavor trends for 2015 using the company's proprietary ‘Trends to Taste’ program, a predictive process that filters trends from the broad, consumer, macro level down to finished concepts that best demonstrate each flavor profile.

The Beverage Innovation Summit Suja KeVita Coca-Cola

One week to go! Join us at the Beverage Innovation Summit on February 4

28-Jan-2015 - Will Pepsi True & Coca-Cola Life revitalize the cola market, or are today’s more demanding and sophisticated consumers looking for more than refreshment and ‘no-artificial’ claims from their beverage calories these days?

Johnnie Walker on the rock...The FPB today attacked Diageo for extending payment terms to new suppliers

‘Broken big business ethics’: Diageo attacked for extending supplier payment terms

28-Jan-2015 - A UK-based small business lobby today attacked drinks giant Diageo for extending payment terms to new suppliers from 60-90 days under what the former claims is the cover of a supply chain finance scheme.

Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat - and have a cup of coffee?

Coffee is the new sunscreen? Study links consumption to reduced melanoma risk

27-Jan-2015 - Researchers suggest drinking four or more cups of coffee a day could decrease the risk of melanoma by 20%, saying it is possible that the drink has a ‘protective role’ against UVB-induced skin cancer.

Carlsberg hopes for ‘viable’ wood fiber beer bottle within three years

Carlsberg hopes for ‘viable’ wood fiber beer bottle within three years

27-Jan-2015 - Carlsberg tells BeverageDaily.com it hopes to have a viable wood fiber bottle by early 2018, and says it could help cut its fossil fuel dependence despite initially only forming a small part of its packaging mix.

Virtue Ice Tea launched two flavours in November 2014

‘We've created the ultimate ice tea’: Virtue founder forecasts mass appeal

27-Jan-2015 - The founder of new UK ice tea brand, Virtue, claims his product can rival coconut water for growth potential with a far more mainstream taste profile.