POM v Coca-Cola false advertising spat heads to Supreme Court, but what does this mean for your label?

18-Apr-2014 - It’s not quite as dramatic as the Oscar Pistorius trial, but in the world of food law, a false advertising case brought by POM Wonderful against rival Coca-Cola is being followed just as closely. And all eyes will be on the Supreme Court on Monday, when both sides will present oral arguments. 

Packaging design inspiration gallery: SUSTAINABILITY

18-Apr-2014 - Earth Day is an annual global celebration highlighting the importance of sustainability, recycling, water conservation, and other ways to save the planet. Here are some examples of food packaging that pitches in on the eco effort with compostable materials, natural paper, and other features.

Nestlé coffee brand denies wrongdoing but agrees to compromise after French investigation into fair competition practices. Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik

Nespresso concedes in anti-trust battle: We don’t accept but we will cooperate

18-Apr-2014 - Nestlé's brand Nespresso will allow greater use of competitor coffee capsules in its machines following a French anti-trust investigation.

'Working moms have hidden energy drink habit', BENEO warns

17-Apr-2014 - Working moms are ‘hidden’ heavy users of energy drinks but are a group that would rush to buy healthier products providing sustained energy without spikes and crashes, BENEO says.

PepsiCo boss Nooyi stifles succession talk: ‘At this point I’m still in the chair!’

17-Apr-2014 - PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi insists she’s ‘still in the chair’ after one analyst asked for her thoughts on CEO transition.

Dr Pepper TEN…A dead duck? Analyst warns of ‘continued deceleration’

17-Apr-2014 - Dr Pepper Snapple’s TEN platform ‘continues to decelerate’ in the US and many C-store operators are suggesting that they plan to pull the line from shelves and coolers, one analyst warns.

Heineken Ignite: Last year the brewer claimed to have launched the first interactive beer bottle

Dystopian drinks? ‘Beverages that beep, bleep, yell and waft scents at shoppers’

17-Apr-2014 - Manufacturers will spend more on designing packages that ‘blink, beep, yell and waft scents at shoppers', according to food packaging expert Joe Kerry from University College Cork.

Cause for celebration: Alex Ferguson's extensive wine collection is expected to raise £3M at auction

Football boss Ferguson to score £3M for wine collection

17-Apr-2014 - A collection of over 5,000 bottles of wine owned by former Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to fetch £3M when sold in Hong Kong, London and online by auction house Christie’s.

BIG Cola meets BIG Buddhism: ‘AJE isn’t your typical capitalist company’

16-Apr-2014 - AJE’s CMO and Zen Buddhist master Jorge Lopez Doriga tells BeverageDaily.com that AJE ‘isn’t your typical capitalist company’, although flag brand BIG Cola is the fourth best-selling soft drink worldwide.

Coke’s Simply Orange escapes US orange juice squeeze

16-Apr-2014 - Despite Coke’s worrying soda sales slide, CEO Muhtar Kent revealed yesterday that not-from-concentrate juice brand Simply Orange brand bucked broader category declines to grow double digit in the US last year.

Carton recycling access improved by 1m households in the US from January to March 2014.

Carton recycling to hit 55% of US households

16-Apr-2014 - Just in time for Earth Day, the Carton Council of North America has announced the number of US households with access to carton recycling jumped by 1m in the first quarter of 2014.

Retail stars in our eyes! Zenith’s UK soft drinks conference

16-Apr-2014 - Zenith International says that 19 supermarket and other retail buyers have registered to attend its 2014 UK Soft Drinks Conference slated for May 7 in Central London.

Morrisons' spirits ad on YouTube had not been targeted responsibly, ruled the ASA

Morrisons criticised for YouTube alcohol advert

16-Apr-2014 - Morrisons has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after its video advertisement, broadcast during a series of children’s nursery rhymes on YouTube, featured images of spirit bottles with the voice-over “These litre bottles of spirits are £15 each …”

‘Whoa, whoa, we’ve gotta go, back to court!’ Molson Coors revives Canada court spat

16-Apr-2014 - Settlement discussions between Molson Coors and SAB Miller over the former’s right to distribute SAB’s brands in Canada have foundered and the beer giants are heading back to court.

Natascha Weiβ spoke to FQN at Analytica 2014

Eppendorf targets growth in food and beverage

16-Apr-2014 - Eppendorf has said that it has the intention to be more aware with its products in the food and beverage sector.

Julabo introduced a new generation of refrigerated and heating circulators this year

Taking the temperature of quality control

16-Apr-2014 - Refrigerated and heating circulators are vital tools in quality control in the food industry, according to Julabo.  

Markus Ortlieb spoke to FQN at Analytica 2014

Shimadzu: Flexibility vital to meeting customer demand

16-Apr-2014 - Shimadzu said meeting customer demand for food safety and quality control depends on what they want to see or know from their samples.

Major breakthrough for Scotch in battle to beat Aussie fraudsters

16-Apr-2014 - Scotland’s whisky industry is celebrating a “major breakthrough” in Australia, where this the spirit was registered as a certification trademark. The move comes after a long battle by Scotch Whisky Association to counter fakes, for which Australia has been one of the worst offenders.

Demand for high-pressure processing equipment from companies like Hiperbaric is expected to hit $600m by 2018.

Hiperbaric ‘can’t complain’ about growth in HPP market

15-Apr-2014 - The market for high-pressure processed food is expected to hit $18bn by 2018; an expert from HPP provider Hiperbaric shares some of the strongest factors behind the technology’s global growth.

‘If kids don’t like it, you won't get far’: Daioni boss on healthy dairy drink success

15-Apr-2014 - Welsh farmer turned entrepreneur Laurence Harris tells BeverageDaily.com about his nationwide distribution ambition for the UK’s first organic flavored milk brand Daioni.