Label firms like Avery Dennison are working to meet demand for sustainable labeling and packaging products.

Avery Dennison: Food firms are hungry for sustainable labels

23-Jul-2014 - The label specialists are spreading the word on sustainable packaging to food brands, beverage makers, and other companies at Labelexpo and other events.

Monster Energy launches energy-soda Assault on UK CSD mainstream

Monster Energy launches energy-soda Assault on UK CSD mainstream

22-Jul-2014 - Monster Energy has launched two new drinks in the UK market via Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), with soda-energy blend Monster Assault seemingly pitched at more mainstream CSD drinkers.

Sidel wins Nova water bottle deal in Saudi Arabia

Sidel grows its customer services in high ‘at risk countries’

22-Jul-2014 - Sidel has partnered with Health Water Bottling (HWB) in Saudi Arabia to install two of its next generation Matrix PET lines, which will start operations in February 2015.

7.5oz Coke cans were a standout performer for the company in North America during Q2 2014

‘Coke's Mini Can Can!’ Muhtar Kent salutes small package 'romance'

22-Jul-2014 - The Coca-Cola Company CEO Muhtar Kent says the ‘romance of the smaller package’ is critical to building more romance around brands such as Coke in the US.

Bucchini: “This is the first official blessing of​ beauty claims I am aware of..."

Bella! EC backs beauty health claims; must be judged case-by-case

22-Jul-2014 - Beauty claims are permissible under the EU nutrition and health claim regulation (NHCR) a European Commission committee has said in what an analyst says is a “first blessing” the EC may have taken from Italy’s stance on the matter.

“We can’t compete on commodities. But we can offer a clean and green image of premium brands,” says Scotland’s food minister Richard Lochhead. Highland cow, photo credit: Richard Sz.

Strong Scottish food & drink brands will install referendum confidence, says Scot food minister

22-Jul-2014 - Retail sales of Scottish food and drink brands in the UK rose by £513m from 2007 – figures the Scottish government says will deliver clout in the upcoming independence referendum.

Monster 'truly sorry' for teen heart attack but denies responsibility

Monster Energy 'truly sorry' for teen’s heart attack injury but denies responsibility

22-Jul-2014 - Monster Beverage Corporation has moved to quell investor disquiet as a jury trial starts to decide if it is liable for injury suffered by a teen whose mother claims its drinks caused his heart attack.

Jamie Brown, head of production, Reuse and Sharon Crayton, head of marketing, Ardagh Glass, Europe.

Ardagh in £5m sorting and separation recycling deal

22-Jul-2014 - Ardagh has signed a 15-year agreement with Reuse in the UK to increase glass recycling.

JBT FoodTech completes Stork ICS acquisition

JBT FoodTech completes Stork ICS acquisition

22-Jul-2014 - JBT FoodTech has completed the acquisition of Stork ICS’s hydrostatic sterilizer technology.

Cognex has a high-speed camera vision

Cognex has a high-speed camera vision

21-Jul-2014 - Cognex has launched a compact smart-camera vision system that it says will allow food and beverage manufacturers to inspect products at a rate of up to 400 products per second.

Coca-Cola Life will launch in the UK this September: Might Coke fortify such drinks with vitamins in future? They claim to have the know how

Vitamin enriched Coca-Cola anyone? Soda giant patents ‘vitamin-rich fermentates’

21-Jul-2014 - The Coca-Cola Company has patented what it says is a new method allowing it to naturally fortify beverages including colas with high vitamin levels using a single micro-organism.

State prosecutors take issue with 5-Hour Energy's 'No crash later' claim (Austin Kirk/Flickr)

‘5-Hour Energy’s simply a caffeine delivery device’: Washington AG savages $1bn brand

21-Jul-2014 - Washington state attorneys insist that 5-Hour Energy wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for its caffeine content in a fierce attack on the credibility of America’s top-selling shot.

Study: Energy drinks increase the desire to drink longer and harder

Study: Energy drinks increase the desire to drink longer and harder

21-Jul-2014 - Australian academics have called for greater analysis of the potential harm caused by mixing energy drinks with alcohol after new research found the practice can turn a few quick drinks into a much longer session.

Kombucha is well-established in the States, and this is one well-known packaged brand, but health concerns do center on home-brewed varieties due to the use of a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). (Alf Altendorf/Flickr)

The Kvass of 2014? ‘Next generation’ fermented functional drinks show promise

18-Jul-2014 - Brands are increasingly using modern bio-technology to develop ‘next generation’ fermented functional beverages, researchers say, but they warn that many drinks still face challenges prior to possible commercialization.

Sparkling Ice has seen explosive US growth, and has moved to cover every US county in 2014

Sparkling Ice, Monster and Lipton Tea: US C-Store winners in 2014

17-Jul-2014 - Bottled water, energy and iced tea are expected to win big in 2014 as C-store operators predict a ‘banner year’ in packaged beverages led by brands including Sparkling Ice, Monster and Lipton.

Randy Aquilizan/Flickr

Sugar-sweetened soda drinkers feel more guilty after inadvertent 'bad' deeds

17-Jul-2014 - An intriguing French study suggests that students who drank sugary lemonade before completing a ‘guilt inducing’ task felt more guilty than peers who consumed a stevia-sweetened zero-calorie alternative.

'The Fear Factory': Fear and confusion beset the modern grocery shopper, Mintel says (Lyza/Flickr)

‘Confusion and fear’ underpin beverage naturalness trend: Mintel

17-Jul-2014 - Confusion and fear of the unknown continue to drive interest in simplified product labels and natural ingredients, Mintel says.

Coke will maintain $1bn a year Mexico spend

17-Jul-2014 - Coca-Cola Mexico has pledged to maintain a $1bbn/year system investment in Mexico until 2020.

Ardagh glass Salem New Jersey packaging

Ardagh to close Salem glass container facility; almost 300 jobs affected

17-Jul-2014 - Ardagh Group will close its Salem glass container facility this year, due to the ‘loss of significant business at the facility.’

‘We’re targeting anyone with a brain’ Brainwave on drink’s mass appeal

‘We’re targeting anyone with a brain’: Brainwave insists cognitive health drink holds mass appeal

16-Jul-2014 - Brainwave Drinks insists it’s targeting anyone with a brain and says the drink will appeal to consumers as keen on maintaining a healthy mind as warding off Alzheimer’s or dementia.