Cognac exports reach record high

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac has released 2016 export data. Pic:iStock/Shaiith

Cognac exports rose in 2016 to reach record levels in both value and volume, according to figures from the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).  The US continues to be the largest market for Cognac exports.

Fuze Tea: wild raspberry & hibiscus

Fuze Tea’s new Aussie campaign focuses on food moments

European juice manufacturers look to variety-specific juice drinks. ©iStock/ruivalesousa

Manufacturers take purist approach as European demand for variety-specific juice increases

Asahi is on the lookout for further acquisitions.

Asahi ambitious for more acquisitions despite European buying spree

Olam flexes its ‘soft power’ through approach to certification

Olam flexes its ‘soft power’ through approach to certification

Treasury Wine Estates awarded Ben Fu trademark after legal battle

Treasury Wine Estates awarded Ben Fu trademark after legal battle

According to Ocean Spray, its Cranberry +health juice drink is a nutritional approach to treating UTIs and would decrease the cost of using antibiotics for hospitals.

Ocean Spray expands presence in US hospitals with higher potency cranberry juice

Parcelive tracks deliveries along the entire logistics chain via transmitter devices. Picture: Hanhaa.

BillerudKorsnäs expands into the Internet of Packaging

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Retail & Shopper Insights

Tastes more like Coke £4.5m advertising Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

‘Tastes more like Coke’: Coca-Cola’s £4.5m advertising campaign for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


Alcohol and soft drinks show strong growth in Christmas supermarket sales

Volvic's 'find your volcano' campaign includes on-pack labels such as 'fearless' and 'brave'

‘Find your volcano’: Volvic launches £2.2m new year campaign

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© iStock/sergeyryzhov

Nielsen's top innovative products: 'Our winners leveraged package design, pricing & advertising to truly remarkable effect'

Instant coffee is growing in popularity with Egyptians, says Nestlé. Pic:iStock/VIPDesignUSA

Nestlé to acquire Egyptian instant coffee company Caravan

American actor/producer Matt Damon is co-founder of the 'Buy a Lady a Drink' campaign

Stella Artois announces commitment to Matt Damon clean water campaign

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Gin proved a popular part of Christmas celebrations in 2016. Pic: iStock/Lilechka75

Gin proves a festive favorite with Christmas sales up 18%: IRI

Millennials in Canada are driving the growth of the hot tea market due its health and flavor appeal. ©iStock/m-gucci

Millennials drink and try the most tea in Canada

Ashwani Sharma, Uflex, unveiling Asepto. Picture credit: Uflex.

Uflex first company to launch its own aseptic carton packaging in India

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'We know it is not enough to improve flavour delivery and enhance the perception of sweetness with no aftertastes...' © iStock/bogdandreava

Patented sugar reduction molecule will be on shelves next year, says DouxMatok

Pic: iStock/moisseyev

Australia invests $5.3m in R&D projects on Shiraz terroir

© iStock / Boarding1Now

Citrus flavanones boost endothelial function and heart health

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Processing & Packaging

'You plug the smart cap onto the bottle and then you get your personalised and DIY beverage.' ©iStock

Cap winner? Reusable seals offer healthy beverage options

Wincanton wins 3-year Coca-Cola deal. Picture: Wincaton.

Wincanton logistics wins 3-year deal with Coca-Cola

THINK Chemicals tests cans for BPA. Picture: THINK Chemicals.

Beer and soda cans found to have traces of bisphenol A in laquer coating

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Regulation & Safety

© iStock

Will an end to sugar quotas undermine a sugar tax?

European auditors have slammed the commission's lack of action on food waste ©iStock

EU court of auditors attacks Commission for its failures on food waste

The 'Don't tax healthy' campaign is calling for an inversion of the sugar tax ©iStock

Don’t tax sugar – just sweeten the deal for healthy snacks, say campaigners

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El Niño has destroyed orange crops in Brazil, setting a price increase of 50% in 2017 ©iStock

Boom and bust in the orange market: Brazil's crop plummets whilst Tunisia's reaches record high

Evolva, Cargill, EverSweet fermented stevia to launch in 2018

EverSweet fermented stevia to launch in 2018… if we can reach the right deal with Cargill, says Evolva

© iStock/demaerre

From farm to fork: How much do you know about where Europe's food comes from?

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Popular News

Pic: iStock/homeworks255

5 sustainable packaging trends to watch in 2017

AB InBev & Keurig will help consumers create alcoholic beverages at home. Stock picture: iStock/RomanIsaykov

AB InBev and Keurig announce R&D joint venture for in-home alcohol drink system

THINK Chemicals tests cans for BPA. Picture: THINK Chemicals.

Beer and soda cans found to have traces of bisphenol A in laquer coating




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