SACMI Filling HQ in Parma, Italy

SACMI keen to penetrate ‘very attractive’ beer filling market

17-Oct-2014 - Luca Bernazzoli from SACMI tells that flexibility is the key trend in beverage filling, while the company is keen to penetrate a ‘very attractive’ beer market.

 Raphael Goetter/Flickr

Advances in Beverage Filling Technology 2014: Special Newsletter

17-Oct-2014 - We hope you enjoy today's special edition newsletter, which groups together four articles on beverage filling technology advances and trends, where investing in the right machinery is vital to win that competitive edge by supplying customers with safer, tastier, higher quality products at prices that won't wipe out your margins.

New ingredient set to give caffeine a run for its money, supplier says

New ingredient set to give caffeine a run for its money, supplier says

17-Oct-2014 - Ingredient supplier Compound Solutions has introduced a nature identical version of theacrine branded as TeaCrine. The ingredient offers benefits over caffeine, the mainstay of energy formulations, the company says.

After delivery...The Krones Modulfill filler prior to installation at Arcobräu Brewery in Moos, Lower Bavaria, Germany

Bavarian brewer Acrobrau boosts beer ‘taste stability’ with new Krones filler

17-Oct-2014 - Bavarian family brewer Acrobrau has installed a new filler from Krones, and brewery director Holger Fichtel explains how the equipment minimizes oxygen values and stabilizes beer taste.

A growing Indian middle class is turning away from local soft drinks and spending more on well-known brands to ensure product quality, according to Mangal Dev Bariwal

‘Technology transfer cost’ hinders aseptic filling uptake in India

17-Oct-2014 - An experienced engineering project manager who has completed projects for the likes of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola tells us that technology transfer costs are to blame for slow Indian uptake of aseptic filling.

RCCI: 'Our bottlers must balance flexibility with cost efficiency'

RC Cola International: 'Our bottlers must balance flexibility with cost efficiency'

17-Oct-2014 - Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI) caused a stir in 2013 when it launched stevia-sweetened RC Cola Neo. Here VP for business development and marketing, Moshy Cohen, tells us what the firm looks for in a franchise bottler.

Tetra Pak launches ‘world’s first’ 100% plant-based carton

Tetra Pak unleashes plant power with ‘world’s first’ 100% bio-based carton

17-Oct-2014 - Tetra Pak claims to have harnessed the power of plants by launching the world’s first milk carton made entirely from plant-based, renewable packaging materials.

NPD category busters: From ‘Teagurt’ to coffee fruit energy to Milo expansion

NPD category busters: From ‘Teagurt’ to coffee fruit energy to Milo expansion

16-Oct-2014 - From tea yoghurt to coffee fruit energy, portable water enhancement  to Milo’s brand expansions, Mintel shared category-busting innovation at Food Ingredients-Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, this week.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro on display in a UK supermarket

‘Everyone has their price’: Analyst reflects on SAB Miller’s Heineken approach

16-Oct-2014 - Despite Heineken’s stated desire for independence after it knocked back an approach for SAB Miller, one financial analyst believes a deal could still be done.

Social media makes it easy for people to express their identity - something brands are tapping into

It’s getting emotional: Packaging must be more than informative and attractive

16-Oct-2014 - Food packaging is heralding an ‘age of emotion’ with brands tapping into the trend of personalization, attendees at Empack 2014 in Stockholm heard this week.  

Nominate a rising star of the Wine World, and they could gain half price access to Wine Vision 2014

Rising stars of the wine world, share your Wine Vision!

16-Oct-2014 - With high-level conference Wine Vision fast approaching our sister publication Harpers Wine & Spirit is offering a Rising Star Grant to help rising industry stars attend the event.

UCSF scientists found an association between sugar-sweetened soda consumption and telomere shortening across all age, race, income and education levels (Image: Jeanny/Flickr)

San Francisco study associates sugar-sweetened soda with cell aging

16-Oct-2014 - University of California researchers have warned that regular sugar-sweetened soda drinking could increase the risk of disease development and accelerate cellular aging.

Developed markets continued to face headwinds during the first nine months, Nestlé said

Nestlé CEO on missed target: ‘Usain Bolt doesn’t always run 100 metres in the same time either’

16-Oct-2014 - Nestlé’s share price fell 2.9% in early trading this morning as nine-month sales growth missed objectives.

“The brand Coca-Cola Life may be new, but this bottle is also our latest innovation. In 1994 this weighed 36g, today it weighs 19.9g'

‘Last year around 5bn PET bottles went to landfill, amazing isn’t it?’ Coca-Cola Enterprises GB

15-Oct-2014 - Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) Great Britain warns that more consumer education is needed to reduce the number of PET bottles being sent to landfill, while the company is researching the reasons why people say they recycle when they don’t.

Cargill sues Viterra over alleged deception at Australian malt maker

Cargill sues Viterra over alleged deception at Australian malt maker

15-Oct-2014 - Agribusiness major Cargill has filed a lawsuit against Vittera over alleged deceptive practices at Australia’s largest producer of barley malt, which it bought from the Canada-based grain handler last year.

Winning in wine: Pricing to maximize profit avoid brand equity erosion

Winning in US wine: Pricing to maximize profit, avoid brand equity erosion

15-Oct-2014 - The price of a bottle of wine has a critical impact on the positioning and profitability of a wine brand but marketers are often unsure when they should tweak price to optimize profit.

Sugar-sweetened beverages do not easily fit within a healthy diet, says Anderson

Food industry must slash sugar – not just tinker

14-Oct-2014 - Food industry ‘tinkering’ with sugar content while foods and drinks remain relatively high in sugar may detract from more basic sugar reduction strategies, warns a public health expert.

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Soda stories that shook the world in 2014:'s Top 5

14-Oct-2014 - As big brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper reformulate and drive NPD to thrive in the soda space, here are’s hardest hitting news stories of 2014 to date...

Nestle backs beverage ‘belief’ in Vietnam with $36m Milo investment

Nestle backs beverage ‘belief’ in Vietnam with $36m Milo investment

13-Oct-2014 - Nestle has spent $36.6m expanding its Milo chocolate malt beverage factory in Vietnam and stressed its ‘firm belief in the potential of the country’ as nutritional drinks demand grows.

Modern Milk getting UK students 'warmed up' with campus campaign

Modern Milk getting UK students 'warmed up' with campus campaign

13-Oct-2014 - Revamped flavoured milk brand Modern Milk has invaded universities up and down the UK in the hope of getting its new target market of students “warmed up.”