Tyler Balliet, founder of Second Glass, Wine Riot (pictured left)

‘People should stop thinking about their own brands and just market wine!’ Wine Riot founder

26-Nov-2014 - The brains behind the successful Wine Riot events in the US, Tyler Balliet, believes that winemakers should forget their own brands and simply focus on marketing wine to a new generation of consumers.

Double-the-price US milk brand Fairlife will ‘rain money’: Coca-Cola

Double-the-price US premium Fairlife milk brand will ‘rain money’: Coca-Cola

25-Nov-2014 - Coca-Cola is confident its premium Fairlife milk brand, due to launch across the US next month, will "rain money" once established in the market.

Photo:Jacqueline Sinclair/Flickr

Bulgaria strip stamp change threatens premium spirits, spiritsEUROPE warns

25-Nov-2014 - spiritsEUROPE revealed today that it has written to the Bulgarian Finance Minister asking him to delay a duty strip stamp change, which it warns could cost premium spirits producers.

Simon McMurtrie, CEO of Direct Wines (left) at Wine Vision 2014

‘Bringing movie magic to the wine world will win new drinkers’: Direct Wines CEO

25-Nov-2014 - Direct Wines CEO Simon McMurtrie insists that bringing ‘some of the magic’ associated with movie and perfume launches into the wine world will entice a new generation of wine drinkers.

Ardagh third quarter results 2014

Ardagh third quarter results sees ‘sluggish’ beer category

25-Nov-2014 - Ardagh Group has released its 2014 third quarter results reporting revenue of €1,311, an increase of 16% compared to 2013, claiming growth in other market sectors ‘offset continued sluggishness in the beer sector’.

Japanese tea fields.  Photo courtesy of Calli O'Brien.

Sales of loose and bagged tea up 5.9% in 2013, hitting $1.8 billion, ABC report finds

24-Nov-2014 - Sales of herbal and other teas increased by 5.9% in the United States in 2013, capping off a decade of solid growth, according to a market report by the American Botanical Council.  It was ABC’s first such report on the tea sector.

ChaiElixir promises a 'full-bodied experience with a really robust flavor profile but with a clean taste'

ChaiElixir CEO: We’re a sparkling chai tea beverage; there is really nothing like this on the market

24-Nov-2014 - If you don’t like taking risks, don’t go into the beverage industry, says the founder of ChaiElixir, an Oklahoma City based start-up selling sparkling tea. “A significant portion of new products do not make it past year one or two, but that’s the nature of the industry, so you’ve just got to do your due diligence and be prepared to take a risk. 

Orange juice consumption in fourth year of decline

Orange juice consumption in fourth year of decline

24-Nov-2014 - Over 1.5 million fewer Australians are drinking packaged fruit juice in an average week compared with just four years ago, analysis by Roy Morgan Research has revealed.  

Coffee silverskin beverages have weight management potential: Study

Coffee silverskin beverages have weight management potential: Study

24-Nov-2014 - Beverages made with with coffee silverskin - a major by-product of the coffee roasting process - have potential in weight management, Spanish research suggests.

Sidel, lightweight, Rightweight, Gulfood Manufacturing

Sidel: ‘To lightweight or not to lightweight’

24-Nov-2014 - Lightweighting bottles are not always the best option when it comes to manufacturing packaging for different countries according to Sidel.

Onex to acquire SIG Combibloc Group for $4.66bn

BREAKING NEWS: Onex to acquire SIG Combibloc Group for $4.66bn

24-Nov-2014 - Onex Corporation (Onex) has agreed to buy SIG Combibloc Group (SIG) for €3.75bn ($4.66bn), with the transaction expected to close in the first quarter of 2015.

Tetra Pak says color is another key area where brands can win by disrupting expectations. This shot shows an Italian supermarket fixture in 2009, but times are changing (Photo: Tetra Pak)

Sick of skateboarding kids and milk carton cows? Tetra Pak exec urges smarter design decisions

22-Nov-2014 - Tetra Pak's Suley Muratoglu has challenged packaging designers and brands to shake up the beverage and liquid dairy markets with better graphic design implementation.

Arla Foods to 'extend the footprint' of Cocio dairy drink brand in UK

Arla Foods to 'extend the footprint' of Cocio dairy drink brand in UK

21-Nov-2014 - Arla Foods plans to introduce additional variations of its Danish dairy drink range Cocio in the UK in coming years.

‘Great Napa Valley wines will rival Bordeaux’: Moët-Hennessy CEO

‘Great Napa Valley wines will rival Bordeaux First Growths’: Moët-Hennessy Estates & Wine CEO

21-Nov-2014 - Jean-Guillaume Prats, Moët-Hennessy Estates and Wine CEO, says he believes great wine produced in California’s Napa Valley will rival the finest Bordeaux in future years.

Meet the Glitterati of the Wine World! Wine Vision 2014 in Pictures

Meet the Glitterati of the Wine World! Wine Vision 2014 in Pictures

20-Nov-2014 - Wine Vision 2014 brought together the glitterati of the wine world - including the likes of Moët-Hennessy Estates and Wine president and CEO - Jean-Guillaume Prats - to discuss issues including the future for premium wine, retailer and supplier relations and branding innovation, with a focus on defying established concepts. Take a sneak peak at the action!

Aldi planning move into China, possibly by 2018

Aldi planning move into China, possibly by 2018

20-Nov-2014 - German discount supermarket giant Aldi Süd is examining market conditions for a potential launch in China. 

What's driving functional food and beverage growth? Snacking, convenience, and consumer behavior

What's driving functional food and beverage growth? Snacking, convenience, and consumer behavior

20-Nov-2014 - With sales of $176.7 billion this year functional foods are a hot growth sector. But which ingredients, sectors and countries are the best bets for product launches?

"The processed foods era is over – the era of nutrition is here."

Functional Foods: The end of the processed foods era?

20-Nov-2014 - To understand Functional Foods you must see it as a strategy to add value to processed foods, says the president and founder of the HealthyMarketingTeam, Peter Wennstrom, in this guest article.

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box Spain

Smurfit Kappa opens €28m Bag-in-Box plant in Spain

20-Nov-2014 - Smurfit Kappa has opened a €28m Bag-in-Box plant in Ibi, Spain, due to growing demand in the region.

Kombucha is typically made by fermenting tea with a mixture of live bacteria and yeast, so using brewed organic coffee as a base brings something new to the category, says Reed's

Reed's CEO: Mainstream supermarkets are embracing kombucha now

20-Nov-2014 - While mainstream food retailers discovered kombucha later than their counterparts in the ‘natural’ channel, they are playing catch-up now, says natural soda maker Reed’s, which entered the market in 2012 with its Culture Club kombucha range and now claims to be the #2 player behind GT’s Kombucha.