Soda: taxes & regulation

BRC & FDF call for submissions for sugar alternative ingredients

Time to look for alternative sugar reduction ingredients. Picture: © iStock/BogdanReava.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) are calling on ingredient manufacturers, product specialists and researchers to submit details of sugar alternative ingredients to help companies reformulate their products.

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Support for sugar tax remains constant among Kiwis

The Cook County soda tax is expected to generate more than $200m next year, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue. ©iStock/OcusFocus

Cook County soda tax due to take effect today

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Thailand to introduce new sugar tax over six years

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Local drinks firms to use juice to get round new GST hike

Kinley Flavors will be priced 35% to 40% lower than Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta. ©iStock/hanohiki

Coca-Cola India to compete with local soda brands with launch of Kinley Flavors

Weight management ranked as the top reason consumers are limiting sugar in their diets, according to Mintel. ©iStock/JulyProkopiv

Mintel talks trends in sugar and sweeteners

Cook County's proposed sweetened beverage tax is on hold until at least July 12, 2017. ©iStock/RubenLammerink

Cook County soda tax temporarily stalled after resistance from retailers over ‘vague’ rules


Estonia gives green light to tax sugared soft drinks

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Research: Aussie sugar tax 'would not punish the poor’

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