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Berkeley soda tax: Volume of SSBs sold decreased by 9.6% in first year, says study

Berkeley soda tax: sugar sweetened beverages down 9.6%

The volume of sugar sweetened beverages sold in Berkeley declined by 9.6% in the year following implementation of a soda tax, showing the tax is ‘working as intended’, according to the authors of a new study. 

Size perception and social image concerns are cues that may provide strategies for promoting healthy behavior. ©iStock/memoriesarecaptured

Portion limit strategies no guarantee in reducing sugar drink intake

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Looming GCC sugar tax could be expanded to include food


The reformulation race: Driving change in sugar-sweetened beverages


Canada sugar drinks levy would save 13,000 lives, say researchers

Understanding demographic differences in low-content claim purchases and whether these claims are associated with improved nutritional quality of purchases could help inform future policies or programs. ©iStock

‘Low-content’ food labels are ‘misleading’ for consumers, US study claims

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Reformulation success: UK says planned sugar tax revenues to fall by €160m

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South African sugar tax could be blueprint for all Africa: WHO

UK sugar tax confirmed in Budget 2017

UK sugar tax confirmed in Budget 2017


Be warned: obesity plans make for easy targets

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