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Energy drinks still largely unaffordable for most of the world with Egypt being largest untapped market

'Tremendous potential' exists in many developing markets for value-priced energy drinks, according to Euromonitor. ©iStock/lowkick

The market potential for value-priced energy drinks remains largely untapped in much of the world, according to a recent Euromonitor report. 

The energy drinks market is evolving as its core audience has matured and brands are expanding their marketing platforms. ©iStock/Elisanth_

The energy drinks market is maturing - and so should brands’ marketing strategies, says XYIENCE

Market analysts said Chinese consumers want healthy ingredients in their beverages. Pic: iStock/Kzenon

What are the key trends of the Chinese beverage market in 2017?

'Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater we just need to look at it and find a way of making sure the vulnerable consumer is protected,' says GSK. ©iStock/EldadCarin

Could energy drinks be cut out of the EU caffeine claim loop?

Consumers want more high quality protein in their day-to-day diet, and iced coffee consumption has exploded in the last few years, says Arla on its concept combination. ©iStock/JoBuM

Where there’s a will…iced coffee concept makes whey protein cool

The American-owned product's new branding for China

Trademark difficulties hamper Monster’s launch plans in China

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Energy drinks are in the spotlight again after man develops acute hepatitis after excessive consumption

'We both found that mainstream sports energy drinks would cause stomach discomfort during runs...'

Entrepreneurs spy ‘root’ into sports & energy drink space

Chinese Red Bull, which is not carbonated, has a majority market share of 80.6% in value and 78.2% in volume in 2015

Mintel report shows Chinese energy drink consumption increased by 25%, four times more than the US

The researchers say evidence of a mechanism has 'far-reaching implications' in multiple conditions which can be alleviated by caffeine. ©iStock/anatomy79

Study reveals caffeine’s link to preventing memory problems

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