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BeverageDaily.com is a free online news service and provides newsletters four times a week to subscribers.

The service seeks out news stories and data of value to decision-makers in beverage development worldwide.

The BeverageDaily.com team is led by journalists who scan all available scientific, technical and industry sources and search out previously unpublished material, primary data and expert opinions in all areas of significance to the target audience.

Your editorial contacts are:

Rachel Arthur (main contact)
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Mary Ellen Shoup
US correspondent 
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Jenny Eagle
Senior Editor - Processing and Packaging
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E-marketing expert in international trade publishing

William Reed Business Media capacity to segment markets, as well as its strict qualified newsletter subscription policy have both contributed to its market dominance across a series of qualified audiences of purchasing decision makers.

William Reed Business Media knowledge of its subscriber base far exceeds that of the best controlled circulation trade magazines.

Its active reader recruitment is based on actual, empirical knowledge of its audiences' reading habits, news take-up, and decision-making interests as well as an in-depth knowledge of their demographics and geographic location.

Efficient, Effective Marketing Solutions

By combining market leading editorial with a large qualified audience, BeverageDaily.com is the most cost-effective and responsive medium for reaching decision makers in food and beverage development.

Its Marketing Solution Team builds personalised online marketing programmes to best suit advertisers' marketing objectives. These combine branded, direct-response tools on the site and direct marketing to subscribers.

By using the latest technology for advertising delivery, tracking and reporting the clients receive direct, real-time access to their results and enquiries. 

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BeverageDaily.com is published by William Reed Business Media SAS, a William Reed Business Media group company.

For more information about the William Reed Business Media group, please visit our corporate website http://www.william-reed.co.uk.

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William Reed Business Media SAS publishes a wide range of free-access websites and e-newsletters delivered free to registered subscribers. They provide breaking industry news and product and supplier information in industries including: food, beverage, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, science and packaging. Our strategically relevant e-newsletters reach over 310,000 executives worldwide, in our chosen industries.

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