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The reformulation race: Driving change in sugar-sweetened beverages


With soda taxes looming, sugar is in the spotlight more than ever. Is the industry on the defensive: or is it, in fact, taking the lead in sugar reduction? 


Canada sugar drinks levy would save 13,000 lives, say researchers

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Standardization story supports Beet It's US retail launch

The enzyme NMNAT2 is significantly reduced in Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases. ©iStock/XiXinXing

Caffeine may protect brain against dementia, study shows

'Tremendous potential' exists in many developing markets for value-priced energy drinks, according to Euromonitor. ©iStock/lowkick

Energy drinks still largely unaffordable for most of the world with Egypt being largest untapped market

Starbucks & Anheuser-Busch launch Teavana craft iced tea in the US.

What's hitting the shelves? Teavana craft iced tea, reformulated Nestea, and new 'Coca-Cola with Stevia'

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Post Mexico’s sugar-sweetened beverage tax, purchases of levied beverages have fallen 7.6%, says study

Philadelphia has seen declines in soda sales after one month following the roll out of it 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages.  ©iStock/piotr_malczyk

Does a soda tax work? Philadelphia gains $5.7m in tax revenue and sees drop in soda drinking

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Ag Committee weighs whether SNAP should pay for sugary drinks

It's not just cricket...researchers are increasingly assessing a range of insects for their protein potential.  ©iStock

Whey out? Could cricket protein rival whey as a sports nutrition and functional drinks ingredient?

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