What's hitting the shelves? New product launches: January 2017

New product launches, January 2017

From low calorie energy drinks to new craft beers, we take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe. 

Samuel Adams reformulates beer

US beer brand Samuel Adams has reformulated one of its flagship beers, Rebel IPA, with an exclusive hop variety (pictured above).

Project Lupulus has been exploring new hops that were not readily available or cultivated when Rebel IPA first launched in 2014. Brewers have been collaborating with a hop breeder in Yakima Valley, WA, to create a new hop variety proprietary and exclusive to Sam Adams called HBC 566.

After a number of trials at Boston Brewery, the brewers have released the new Rebel IPA recipe, which is brewed with HBC 566 and another new experimental hop variety for bittering, HBC 682. 

“Rebel IPA now has a more intense juicy, tropical and citrus flavor supported by a leaner body and a crisp, clean finish to optimize the hop character,” says Sam Adams.

Samuel Adams Rebel IPA and Rebel Juiced IPA will be available nationwide in early 2017 on draft, in six-packs for a suggested retail price of $7.99-$9.99, and both brews will be in the Pack of Rebels variety pack (bottles and cans) which also includes Rebel Grapefruit IPA and Rebel White Citra IPA for a suggested retail price of $14.99-$17.99.

Rebel IPA will be available in 12-packs (bottles and cans) for a suggested retail price of $14.99-$17.99.

Absolut Lime

Absolut vodka has launched a new variety, Absolut Lime, in the US. It joins Absolut Citron and Absolut Mandarin, the top telling lemon and orange flavored vodkas in the US.

Nick Guastaferro, director of marketing, Absolut, Pernod Ricard USA, said: "Lime is a very dynamic and complex fruit and we believe we've created the perfect flavor blend in Absolut Lime to enhance and elevate a variety of cocktails.

"Thanks to a delicious flavor and easy mixability, Absolut Lime is great for going out or staying in, for creating simple or complex cocktails.”

Absolut Lime is available across the US with a MSRP of $19.99 (750ml) and $24.99 (1L).

FATwater relaunches

Bulletproof has reformulated FATwater, an enhanced water that was originally launched in 2015.

The new formulation uses deionized water, Brain Octane oil and B Vitamins and, “unlike other enhanced waters, uses fat for sustainable, steady energy versus sugar.”

FATwater has 15 calories, is sugar-free, non-GMO and vegan, and comes in lemon, pineapple and grapefruit flavors.

The Bulletproof concept rose to fame through bulletproof coffee, the butter and oil infused coffee.  

“Like the brand’s famed recipe for Bulletproof Coffee, the brand’s signature Brain Octane oil puts the fat in FATwater,” says the brand. “Extracted from the most potent part of the coconut, Brain Octane oil puts your brain on full blast without weighing you down.”

The reformulated FATwater launched this month and will roll out to retail locations across the US later this year.

Scandinavian sports drinks

Vitamin Well, a Swedish company that develops vitamin and mineral enriched beverages, has launched two ‘next generation’ sports drinks in Denmark and Norway.

VW+001 and sugar-free alternative VW+002 combine a mix of electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins to provide energy during intense, prolonged workouts.

“VW+ 001 is primarily made for athletes whose training involves endurance and high intensity, in order to maintain high performance over long periods of time,” says the brand.

“VW+ 002 is sugar-free and made for those who need to replace the loss of fluid and salts when they workout but do not want to take in carbohydrates.”

The drinks use Sustamine dipeptide L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, which Vitamin Well claims is absorbed up to 224% better than standard L-Glutamine.

Low calorie energy drinks

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has launched sugar-free Monster Energy Ultra Citron in the UK.

Hitting the shelves this month, the drink ‘combines a citrus flavor with the refreshment of sparkling lemonade, whilst delivering the full energy hit that consumers are looking for’.

Coca-Cola points to 32% growth in the low calorie energy drink sector over the past year, and says that consumers are turning to more standard carbonate flavors over those of traditional energy drinks.

Monster Energy Ultra Citron is packaged in a yellow 500ml can.

Craft beer turns to supermarkets

UK brewery Robinsons has introduced two new craft bottled beers: ‘Beardo’ (a full bodied golden IPA for ‘serious beardos’ at 6% ABV) and ‘Mojo’ (a tropical straw coloured pale ale that ‘arouses’ the senses at 5.5% ABV).

The brewery, based in Stockport, says it has seen heightened demand for craft beer in supermarkets, having seen 18% like-for-like growth in the off trade.

“As the craft beer revolution continues to thrive and evolve, bringing with it new waves of flavours, supermarkets are expanding their craft beer ranges,” says the brewery. “This provides a great opportunity for Robinsons to tap into a new type of discerning, younger drinker who is attracted to craft bottled beer, thirsty for choice, and open to innovation and change.”

The beers have listings with Morrisons, Co-Op, ASDA, and Bargain Booze.

Scottish gin for Burns Night

Dunnet Bay Distillery, the UK’s most northerly mainland distillery, launched a special edition gin to celebrate Burns Night this month (January 25).

“The Lassies Toast” is inspired by the Moorland tea that Robert Burns is said to have enjoyed.

The gin features bilberry leaves, strawberry leaves, heather tops, speedwell and wild thyme, ingredients found in the Moorland tea recipe.

Dunnet Bay Distillery has bottled the “The Lassies Toast” into a collectible red glass bottles with each one hand-signed, numbered and sealed at the distillery.  A limited run of 250 bottles was released, available exclusively from the Dunnet Bay Distillery website, on January 13.

Rockstar Revolt

AG Barr has launched a new range of sugar free energy drinks, Rockstar Revolt, in the UK.

Rockstar Revolt has two 500ml varieties: Killer Citrus and Killer Cooler, which the company describes as “revolutionary zero sugar energy drinks that don’t compromise on look, taste or energy boost”.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at AG Barr, said: “Rockstar Revolt will appeal to the growing number of consumers who want zero sugar energy, but don’t want it to look, feel, perform or taste different to full sugar energy”.

Soylent RTD

US brand Soylent has launched two RTD products, Soylent Nectar (a variation on the flagship Soylent 2.0 drink with added fruit flavors) and Soylent Cacao (with added cocoa). 

Both have a macronutrient profile matching Soylent 2.0, and deliver 20% of daily nutritional requirements, says the company. 

The drinks are available on the Soylent website in the US and Canada, and via Amazon in the US.

Craft fruit juice

FreshBev, the producers of RIPE Craft Juice, have expanded their portfolio of fresh juice and entered new markets.

The concept of RIPE Craft Juices is to use the best fruits and minimum processing.

At the RIPE Craft Juicer in Connecticut, the process is done ‘in mere days as opposed to weeks’. Juice extraction is done under one roof and below 45°. The liquid is bottled and submitted to high-pressure technology.

RIPE Craft Juices are available throughout the US in Whole Foods and select regional grocery chains in 12.2-ounce bottles (SRP: $3.48), and 46-ounce multi-serve pouches (SRP: $8.99).

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