Scaled-down Pepsi Spire could hit heights in US homes

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Scaled-down Pepsi Spire could hit heights in US homes
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Pepsi first digital fountain that offers up to 1,000+ beverage combinations looks great and we think a scaled-down version could add verve to the US home.

Designed to take on Coca-Cola’s more bulky Freestyle machine – which you can now see in malls and move theaters across the US – the machine (see how it works in the video below) is pitched at the foodservice sector and comes in three models.

Spire 1.1 has a 10” touchscreen and offers up to 40 beverage combinations, the 2.0 offers 500 beverages and a 15” touchscreen (presumably this is the machine we see in the video below) while a 32” version offers 1000+ possible drinks combinations.

Going on looks alone (I'm shallow), and presuming that the machine can handle carbonation, chill water efficiently and manage concentrate storage and delivery in one small footprint (perhaps pared back to an even greater extent), might not PepsiCo have a hit on its hands?

Pepsi Spire could tap a potentially profitable home mixology or personalization trend targeted by brands as varied as Nespresso, Coke (Keurig), Soda Stream and spirits giant Pernod Ricard.

Contrary to Coca-Cola Freestyle, this actually looks like the kind of appliance you could live with in your kitchen - since it's (A) more attractive, and (B) smaller - which is surely no coincidence? I don't really consume soft drinks myself, but it seems infinitely more fun than a Nespresso machine, for instance. 

More to the point, such a machine could kick-start carbonated soft drinks growth again, make them sexier.

Thoughts from you guys?

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