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PureCircle plans to bring glucosylated stevia to Europe with EFSA request

Hopsteiner operates in nine major regions throughout the world and harvests over 80 varieties of hops. Photo: Hopsteiner

Hopsteiner sees craft brewers’ thirst for new flavors balance with an economical mindset

Size perception and social image concerns are cues that may provide strategies for promoting healthy behavior. ©iStock/memoriesarecaptured

Portion limit strategies no guarantee in reducing sugar drink intake


Wilmar announces partnership to end labour violations in palm oil supply chain

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Adverse weather drives Sri Lankan tea prices higher

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Chinese winery sets sights on ‘feeding own market’ with Aussie grapes

From a preventative point of view, it is advisible to reduce sugar intake or to replace sugar with other low-calorie sweeteners. Thus, the development of new types of sweeteners is of great interest.©iStock

Allulose low-cal sweetener credentials boosted as glucose control is highlighted

Imbibe launched SweetSense in response to growing demand for sweet, clean-label beverages. ©iStock/Rawpixel

Clean-label SweetSense developed during ‘critical time’ for beverage industry

Cap'n Crunch Berries beer's flavor is 'still developing', says Somerville Brewing. Pic: Mike Johnson of fest.pics

Somerville Brewing Company spoons in Cap’n Crunch cereal into latest beer recipe

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Stevia & fibre blend promises to slash sugar by 100% with no loss in taste or bulk

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