Craft breweries are tapping into the trend of beer tourism with the addition of hotels, brewery tours, and special releases of beer to attract out of town customers. ©iStock/WichitS

Beer tourism boom brews up across the US, showing no signs of slowing

Fuze Tea: wild raspberry & hibiscus

Fuze Tea’s new Aussie campaign focuses on food moments

Tastes more like Coke £4.5m advertising Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

‘Tastes more like Coke’: Coca-Cola’s £4.5m advertising campaign for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


Alcohol and soft drinks show strong growth in Christmas supermarket sales

PepsiCo will launch LIFEWTR next month

What’s hitting the shelves? New year, new product launches

Volvic's 'find your volcano' campaign includes on-pack labels such as 'fearless' and 'brave'

‘Find your volcano’: Volvic launches £2.2m new year campaign


Pay more, waste less: Scottish food study

DIY craft cocktail kit maker, Saloon Box, allows consumers to experiment and learn about creating their own specialty drinks at home.

Saloon Box aims to make mixology more approachable with its subscription craft cocktail kits


Industry backs ban of online junk food ads for children


‘Immense opportunity for alcohol brands to engage with US shoppers in store’: IRI

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