Döhler is reintroducing many of the ideas behind trend--setting beverages into food applications.

Cola-flavored biscuits: Döhler borrows from beverages for bakery concepts

Antonia Kauter, product manager, Döhler

Döhler Cactus Pear-Kiwi functional gummie equivalent to one-and-a-half cups of espresso

Entrepreneurs are offering new ways to explore wine

Innovation spotlight: How wine entrepreneurs are embracing both tradition and technology

Hfactor taps into Japanese hydrogen-infused water craze

Could molecular hydrogen infused water carve a niche in the functional beverages category?

'Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater we just need to look at it and find a way of making sure the vulnerable consumer is protected,' says GSK. ©iStock/EldadCarin

Could energy drinks be cut out of the EU caffeine claim loop?


Mind, body and spirit: The holistic tea trend

The Unilever team at JFN.

Unilever extols the virtues of flavonoids in tea

The Heineken 'Elevator Pitch' at the AIPIA Congress.

‘9 Green Bottles’: Who will design Heineken’s next generation smart bottle?

6 steps to take to “do good” and expand appeal to modern consumers

6 steps companies can take to “do good” and expand their appeal to modern consumers

Seeds and skin: boosting natural credientials for smoothies and other foods & beverages. Pic:iStock

Smoothies turn to seeds to boost natural positioning

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