Growing probiotic market prompts GoodBelly's new products launch

GoodBelly's probiotic juice drinks  Source: GoodBelly

GoodBelly has launched four new product lines, including GoodBelly Protein Shake, GoodBelly Juice Drink, GoodBelly Sparkling Drinks and GoodBelly Ade, as consumers are gravitating more towards the functional beverage category, according to the company.

Spins reports GoodBelly has become one of the fastest-growing probiotic brands in the market; is the number one refrigerated and functional juice in the natural category; and one of the fastest growing juices in the conventional category.

“GoodBelly has gone mainstream over the past couple of years, gaining more traction in the conventional grocery category, as awareness of digestive health and probiotics continue to grow,” the company’s CEO, Alan Murray, told BeverageDaily.

New product lines

GoodBelly Protein Shake is packed with 15 grams of plant-based protein and 40 billion probiotic cultures per bottle, according to Murray, with plant-based protein seeing increased demand from shoppers.

The Juice Drink, on the other hand, is created as a solution to maintaining digestive health on-the-go, and it is available in 15.2 oz bottles, said Murray. Meanwhile, the Sparkling Drinks are blended with bubbles and 20 billion probiotic cultures per bottle.

While these three products will be distributed at many major grocers, the GoodBelly Ade will be exclusively available at Whole Foods Markets.

“[Ade] was designed to be a lighter, functional thirst quencher with no added sugar and 20 billion probiotic cultures per serving,” Murray said.

The probiotic market: on the verge of another growth curve

A Markets and Markets report shows the probiotic ingredients market is expected to be worth $46.55 bn by 2020.

“The probiotic market is on the verge of another growth curve,” Murray said.

The driver for the growth of the probiotic market, he explained, is that probiotics are scientifically proved to be beneficial to the overall health.

“For example, shoppers purchase GoodBelly because of the highly efficacious and exclusive probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum 299v, which promotes overall health by withstanding the stomach’s acidic environment, allowing it to reach the digestive system and positively support digestive health.”

Even though the growing probiotic market is an advantage for GoodBelly to sell its products, the company faces a particular challenge from the overly-crowded beverage aisle in the stores.

“Some retailers place our juices in the juice section and others in the yogurt section,” Murray said. “So we’re working with retailers to place GoodBelly consistently throughout the stores so shoppers always know where to find us.”

Unpredictable beverage market

It is difficult to predict forthcoming trends in the beverage industry, said Murray, with the market affected by fluctuating factors like ingredient trends and emerging health concerns.

“At the moment, GoodBelly is just scratching the surface of where we could go.”

Alan Murray, GoodBelly

Overall, Murray said, “We are seeing more and more consumers going back to functional foods, and beverages that solve or address a variety of health concerns will become increasingly prevalent.”

In the meantime, GoodBelly is also seeing a huge increase in demand from consumers with a variety of palates, from vibrant and adventurous to subtle and light, according to Murray.

In addition to four new products, the probiotic beverage company is currently developing two flavor extensions that Murray is not ready to reveal.

“There is white space in terms of distribution, international and categories,” he said. “At the moment, GoodBelly is just scratching the surface of where we could go.”

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