Brexit and your business: Have your say

What does Brexit mean for your business? We want to know... Pic: iStock/AlexLMX

We want to know what impact you think Brexit will have on your business. 

The British people have voted to leave the EU, but the full consequences of this unprecedented event remain to be seen.

So we want to hear what you think the positives and negatives about Brexit are for your business. 

Will Brexit mean less red tape for your business? Will your business face supply chain disruptions? Do you see Brexit open up opportunities or present new challenges? Take part in our survey here.

And yes, there are many unknowns. But uncertainty in itself has already had implications for a number of businesses, so we want to hear from you whether you have a clear knowledge of what Brexit means for your business or not.

All responses are confidential. Most questions simply ask you how strongly you agree or disagree with certain statements, although there is also the chance to comment in more depth.

The survey will run for one week and on Friday we will publish an article on what you, the industry, think the impact of Brexit could be.

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