Pernod Ricard: Nutritional information for biggest brands


Pernod Ricard will offer improved access to nutritional information about its products, the spirits & wine giant has announced.  

All of Pernod Ricards ‘international strategic spirits’ (such as Jameson, Chivas and Absolut) already have calorie and nutritional information available on their respective websites, alongside most wine, champagne and strategic local brands.

Now, a website address, often associated with a QR code, will be included on the label of the bottles of all brands to direct consumers to this information.

Across Pernod Ricard, 85% of brand websites already have nutritional information, and the remainder will be live before the end of the year.

Values are expressed per 10g unit of alcohol and per serve.

This week the European Commission invited the alcoholic drinks industry to create a harmonized self-regulatory proposal on providing ingredients and nutrition information (more about what this could mean for the industry here).

Other companies that have committed to providing nutritional information about their brands include Diageo, Brown-Forman, Treasury Wine Estates, Heineken and AB InBev. 

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