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EWG tap water database reveals full list of contaminants in US drinking water supply

The EWG tap water database details all contaminants both unregulated and regulated by the EPA. ©iStock/mheim3011

A new tap water database by EWG (Environmental Working Group) aims to inform Americans about their drinking water and create a higher safety standard for tap water quality based more on scientific input than federal regulations. 

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Support for sugar tax remains constant among Kiwis

The Cook County soda tax is expected to generate more than $200m next year, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue. ©iStock/OcusFocus

Cook County soda tax due to take effect today


Fake food and alcohol seizures at EU borders jump

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Scotland seeks continued ‘robust legal protection of Scotch whisky’

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Thailand to introduce new sugar tax over six years

Berry Plastics makes packaigng for dairy, confectionery, snacks & beverages. Picture: Berry Global.

Man dies in industrial accident at Berry Plastics


Kent police seize wine in fraud investigation

Philadelphia and Cook County include sugar alternatives in soda tax

Should soda with non-caloric sweeteners be taxed too? In Philadelphia and Cook County, that’s the case

Bestherbs Coffee recalls instant coffee drink. Picture: Bestherbs Coffee.

Bestherbs Coffee recall after undeclared ingredient similar to Viagra

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