The Appliance of Beverage Science: BeverageDaily.com’s Top 2013/14 Stories

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Watermelon juice might lessen muscle soreness after cycling (Museme Miyuki/Flickr)
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We take a look at the research stories that sparked the most interest among readers in 2013/14. Gastric bezoar suffers should grab a Coke, and cyclists a bottle of watermelon juice...

Not Getting Far With that Gastric Bezoar? Grab a Coke – 4,746 unique page views (published January 8 2013)

Bitter Melon Juice Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells, US Study – 3,564 unique page views (March 19 2013)

Scientists Fingerprint Firewater to Bust Scotch Whisky Fraud – 1,160 unique page views (September 13 2013)

Eye-Catching Study Suggests 5-Hour Energy Boost Barely Beats Caffeine Alone – 2,305 unique page views (June 14 2013)

Watermelon Juice Sooths Sore Cycling Muscles – 1,938 unique page views (July 30 2013)

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