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WaveGrip launches multi-colored carriers for shelf-appeal and brand differentiation

The WaveGrip Colors carrier. Picture: WaveGrip.

WaveGrip has launched multi-colored carriers in Noir (Black), Tangerine (Orange), Envy (Green) and Fury (Red) to create further on-shelf impact and brand differentiation. 

The bespoke colors can also be specified to co-ordinate with a particular brand or design.

Color has long been recognised as a high-impact element within a well-designed packaging for any number of beverages, quite often establishing its ‘hero image’. Think Tango. Think Perrier. Think Coke. Think Guinness,” said Aaron McIvor, MD, WaveGrip.

For a consumer in a hurry it can be the guide that triggers the seamless progression from eye, to hand, to shopping trolley. And as part of the way in which it presents itself, outer packaging has a vital role to play in helping to deliver a fully satisfying customer experience.

Extending an established color code with WaveGrip Colours provides a simple yet stylish additional point of branding differentiation, that not only looks in keeping, but makes perfect branding sense.

In line with all WaveGrip carriers, the WaveGrip Colors are designed to be lighter but stronger and use less plastic than any existing technology. 

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