SqueezyStraw stand up pouch expands into beverages and desserts

SqueezyStraw applications. Picture: The Barton Group.

The Barton Group has expanded the applications for its patented dispensing pouch technology called SqueezyStraw.

The company, based in New York, partnered with Multivac last year to create the stand up pouch and it was originally trialed for 8oz transparent milk packaging.

Beverages; desserts; diet food 

It also comes with a squeeze feature for maximum evacuation of the milk. 

Lew Barton, president, Barton Group, said the patented technology is available for licensing and new applications include: beverage packaging; desserts; diet food and nutraceutical packaging. 

The Stand Up SqueezyStraw Dispensing Pouch is the only pouch with a built-in sipping straw feature and we are announcing new consumable applications,” he said. 

In the past, The Barton Group has worked for Dow Packaging, McDonald’s, McCormick & Co., KFC, YUM! and Tetra Pak. 

Barton, formerly CEO of Sigma Quality Foods, which produces single-service condiment packets and liquid food to the foodservice industry, added SqueezyStraw was developed over a three-year period working in a (non-dairy) customer’s innovation lab. 

A typical 8 oz. milk serving is a perfect application for our new technology but there are no restrictions on its use, it can be used for yogurt, chocolate pudding, or desserts,” he said.

Multivac technology

Multivac is one of several horizontal thermoform/fill/seal machine manufacturers capable of producing the stand up SqueezyStraw pouch

They have a test machine in their facility in Kansas City, along with a machine shop for making the forming tools. The prototypes were made there using those facilities.” 

Barton said SqueezyStraw pouch production requires a horizontal thermoform/fill/seal machine equipped with die-cutting capabilities such as Multivac, Ulma or other similar machines. 

Multivac estimates the cost of such a machine is between $500,000 and $1m, depending on the production requirements. 

This totally new approach to stand-up pouch production is adaptable for many applications, ranging from one ounce to three gallons,” added Barton. 

The stability of the package is built into the design, creating a low center-of-gravity.  

“The advantages of the Stand Up SqueezyStraw Dispensing Pouch include low cost, high-volume production, durable and portable, tamper evident, elimination of the need for a separate straw, spoon or cup, easy and efficient evacuation of contents, as well as easy disposal of the empty pouch,” he said. 

The Barton Group is exhibiting its SqueezyStraw pouch technology at The Beverage Forum April 27-28, in Chicago, and the Global Pouch Forum, June 14-16, in Miami. 

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