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Soft drinks growth drives Coke system investment in Nigeria

(Photo: Coca-Cola Nigeria)

Robust volume and value sales growth for soft drinks in Nigeria has led Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCE) to invest in a 42,000 bottle/hour Sidel line for PET bottles.

“Both the national population and disposable incomes are increasing, with new launches, marketing activities, improvements in distribution and other favourable economic conditions favour all drinks producers,” Sidel said in a release.

The line will be installed at Coca-Cola HBC’s plant in Ikeja and cater for CSDs packed into 500ml PET (42,000 bottles/hour) and 1.5L PET (22,000 bottles/hour), with the first products emerging in July.

Sidel has also picked up business with Hellenic in Russia, where Coca-Cola HBC already runs four lines in Moscow – a new line will feature a Sidel Matrix Combi machine for blow-molding PET, filling and capping, a Matrix Labeller, mixer, two packers, handle applicator, conveyor, linear palletizer and stretch wrapped.

This can produce 500ml and 1.5L PET bottles at 45,000 and 33,500 bottles/hour respectively.

Finally, in Belarus, Coca-Cola HBC installed a Sidel Eurostar HS mechanical pressure level filler for 2-liter PET, pictured, as well as a labeller; the line was delivered in February and runs at 9,000 bottles/hour.

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