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Sidel launches Matrix hot fill machine

Sidel launches Matrix hot fill machine

Sidel has launched a new modular hotfill machine that can fill sensitive beverages with pulp or fruit pieces.

The Sidel Matrix filler suits high and low acid products bottled in PET containers ranging from 200ml to two liters.

That machine runs at 6,000 to 60,000 bottles/hour is suitable for still products such as teas, isotonic beverages, juices and nectars.

Using Sidel’s ‘Integrated Slurry Dosing’ (ISD) technology it can also handle drinks with pulp or fruit pieces, sacs or fibers – including Chinese aloe vera or coconut-based drinks.

The machine can be configured as the filling module within a blow-fill-cap Sidel Combi installation.

Sidel told that, when compared to the Veloce ISD, launched in 2011, the Matrix filler features:

- Non-contact filling.

- Higher hygienic design.

- Automatic cleaning on slurry doser.

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