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Liqui-Box center engages packaging customers

01-May-2014 - By Jenni Spinner+
Liqui-Box, which specializes in flexible and bag-in-box packaging products, is opening a Center of Excellence to connect with customers.
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Liqui-Box, a packaging company specializing in flexible and bag-in-box products, is opening its Center of Excellence at its production plant.

The facility, located in proximity to the company’s R&D laboratory, is designed to give customers in food, beverage, and other sectors a chance to get up close and personal with Liqui-Box technology, dialogue with staff, and generate new ideas.

Customer connection

Ken Swanson, Liqui-Box CEO, told FoodProductionDaily the Center of Excellence will increase customer engagement and collaboration.

The integration of our innovation center within our Ashland, Ohio, site will be a great resource for our customers, and it supports our strong commitment to develop new and improved ways to package and deliver liquid and semi-liquid products,” he said. 

Liqui-Box offers packaging products for food, beverage, and dairy companies, in addition to non-food products. Potential applications include syrups, juices, coffee drinks, sauces, concentrates, and mixes.

Technology features

The packaging firm’s Ashland site produces films, bags, and fitments, with integrated film, lamination, and bag-making lines. Recent technology upgrades include high-capacity bag equipment.

The company’s in-house research and development lab, currently sited near its headquarters in nearby Worthington, is slated to move to the Center of Excellence in the third quarter of the year. The lab’s current capabilities include fitment development and testing, package integrity testing, bag and pouch performance checking, and bag-to-filler interaction analysis.

Liqui-Box will exhibit its packaging products and technologies at InterBev, a conference and exhibition for the beverage industry. The event is scheduled June 10-13 in Chicago.

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