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Lambrini unveils Valentine's bottle

Last updated on 05-Feb-2014 at 14:12 GMT2014-02-05T14:12:34Z - By Rachel Arthur+
Lambrini Halewood Valentine's perry
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A limited edition Valentine’s Lambrini bottle has been unveiled by drinks manufacturer Halewood International. 

The pink bottle is covered with hearts and kisses to stand out on the shelf. It is being used for 75cl bottles of Lambrini Original, a slightly sparkling perry.

The Valentine’s bottle will be targeted at our core consumer base of females in the 25-35 age bracket, and we expect it to appeal to consumers as a gift item for Valentine’s,” said Lorna Tweed, brand manager, Lambrini, Halewood International.

UK stores

Other limited edition bottles have included a Diamond Jubilee design in May 2012, a floral design in summer 2013, and a winter bottle in November 2012.

A total of 99,000 bottles will be sold across select UK stores.

Halewood International is a UK independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, with a turnover of more than £270m.

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