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Bright spot: CTI launches light-changing packaging inks

13-Aug-2014 - By Jenni Spinner+
Sunlight Inks from Chromatic Technologies, suitable for food and beverage labels, change color when exposed to sunlight.
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Chromatic Technologies has launched a line of photochromic inks, suitable for food and beverage packaging, which change when exposed to sunlight.

Sunlight Inks are a line of products for use on paper, film, and pressure-sensitive labels on foods, beverages, and other products. The inks reportedly on the first on the market to combine rapid change when hit by sunlight, long-lasting photochromic performance, wide range of colors, and color-fastness when exposed to UV rays.

Consumer engagement

Patrick Edson, chief marketing officer for CTI, said the special-effect inks can help food and beverage brand owners connect with consumers in sunny spots.

We are committed to helping brands win the summer, tailgating, and other popular outdoor usage occasions,” he said. “Sunlight Inks create ‘theater-in-the hand’ for a brand’s audience: a consumer walks outside and, in seconds, the Sunlight Inks transform from clear to colorful.”

Packaging project

The release of Sunlight Inks comes after two years of work by CTI’s research team. Edson said the inks can be used to create new labels, or update existing packaging with a refreshed, interactive appearance.

CTI’s chemists and inventors have a dedicated team innovating in the label markets,” he said. “Our goal is to ensure every label in the world is interactive with a consumer and that it dramatizes a brand’s positioning.”

Additionally, Edson said, the inks have resonated with consumers in initial prototype testing.

“Sunlight Inks scored high in consumer purchase intent across multiple product categories,” he said. “Consumers noted it’s a great way to entertain guests and give them an excuse to take something new and interesting to a party.”

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