O-I launches touch of glass at $20bn spirits market

Owens-Illinois has added two bottles to its Covet Classics line of premium glass containers.

Glass packaging specialist Owens-Illinois has launched two bottles for liquor brand owners looking to pour into premium-looking containers.

The designs are additions to O-I’s Covet Classics line of glass bottles. The containers are geared toward spirits looking for a cost-effective way to add a premium look to their products.

Spirits of all sorts are gaining ground in the US. According to market intelligence firm Demeter Group, American tipplers purchased $19.9bn worth of liquor last year, up from $17.2bn five years earlier.

Shelf appeal

Stephanie Johnston, O-I director of market development, told FoodProductionDaily incorporating premium-look bottles like the products in the Covet Classics line can help brand owners cut through the noise on liquor shelves.

O-I’s Covet collection of luxury glass packaging products and services helps high-end spirits makers build craveworthy connections with consumers,” she said. “We offer scalable solutions ranging from classic and customizable designs to one-of-a-kind bottles evoking desire and inspire and exquisite brand moment.”

The Covet Classics bottles are all glass containers designed to offer a premium appearance. According to Johnston, they can be scaled up or down, depending on the size required, and they can be customized with embossing, coating, labels, and a range of closures to complement a sprit’s shelf presence.

Brown and white spirits

Johnston added the different structural features of the two bottles make them suited for different types of spirits.

With its tall, sleek stature and long neck, the aesthetics and the ergonomics of the Summit make it ideal for showcasing and serving white spirits such as vodka,” she said.

The Pinch Grandeur, she added, is suitable for brown spirits.

From its short neck to its classic square shape, the Pinch Grandeur embodies timeless design cues that capture the boldness of whiskey and bourbon in a compact vessel,” she said. “The slightly bowed sidewalls give it an unexpected touch of femininity that is visually appealing to all brown spirits lovers.”

The bottles were introduced at the recent Distillers Convention and Tradeshow, produced by the American Craft Distillers Association in Denver. Ahead of the global introduction, Columbian spirit purveyor Aguardiente Antioqueño poured its signature libation into the Pinch Grandeur bottle for a limited-edition bottle commemorating its 200th anniversary.

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