WEBINAR TODAY: Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2014

Aseptic: The future of processing and packaging

Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2014 is today!

Aseptic processing can better retain product quality while using heat to kill spores, according to a leading academic.

Aaron Brody, president and CEO of Packaging/Brody, will deliver a presentation today on ‘Scanning the Horizon: Beverage and Dairy Processing Technology’.

Brody will explore recent advances in Aseptic, ESL, and hot fill treatment technologies for beverages and liquid milk, looking at recent advances such as aseptic blow filling and touching on High Pressure Processing (HPP) which has recently made waves in US premium juice.

Using peracetic acid, electron beam, blow mold-fill-seal and Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) are other recent developments.

Aseptic processing and packaging is generally targeted at ambient temperature shelf stable products.

“High acid products are being aseptically packaged of course, that’s the major product in the US, outside of the US I believe milk is the major product,” he said.

“We are increasingly adding things to the beverage products in order to appeal to the consumers and we are interchanging the viscosities of them, we are mixing various products with them and we are incorporating particulates to add mouth-feel to the products themselves.”      

Drivers behind the technology include high and uniform product quality, potential for maximized nutrient retention, typically less packaging per unit product mass, easy opening, dispensing and disposal and avoidance of bisphenol A( BPA) controversy which is found in can liners.

Brody is a consultant with 50 years of experience as a member of industry and academia.

He also teaches food packaging courses at the University of Georgia Department of Food Science and Technology.

Processing technologies such as indirect and direct heating and OHMIC heating will be covered.

Online event today

Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2014 explores process technologies including aseptic, ESL and hot filling to HPP.

Products benefiting from recent technologies include RTD teas, functional waters, added-value beverages with fruit pieces, ‘purer’ fruit and vegetable juices, while added-value dairy drinks are carving out a lucrative niche.

The event starts at 10.15am New York time and 3.15pm in Paris today.

You can register for Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2014 here

It features exclusive webinar content like that detailed above, GEA Procomac and Avure will also speak, as well as a round-table with Coca-Cola Hellenic (The Coca-Cola Company's second-largest anchor bottler) and Refresco Gerber.

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