From the show floor: Vinisud wine show, France

Innovation spotlight: How wine entrepreneurs are embracing both tradition and technology

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With mobile apps, software, online marketplaces and more, a group of wine start-ups are proving that the wine industry is far from being stuck in its traditional ways. 

La Wine Tech is a coordination of wide start-ups, and with a collection of new technologies and ideas it aims to bring new ways of working to the wine sector.

The organisations are all independent businesses, but have come together under the La Wine Tech banner to support each other and suggest new ways to discover, choose, consumer or buy wine.

A number of the start-ups are French, but more and more companies are joining the group to create what it heralds as the first world-wide coordination of wine start-ups.

Celebrating tradition, applying technology

The wine industry sometimes suffers from the perception that it is stuck in history and tradition, incapable of moving with the times.

But the start-ups in La Wine Tech show how the wine industry is embracing new technology and ways of working.

The innovations are directed both at those working in the industry, and those with consumer facing propositions. Here are some examples:

  • Wine Funding is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to wine, addressing projects such as buying land or constructing a cellar or storehouse.
  • Sublivin is an artificial intelligence that can predict the ideal date to consume wine.
  • Vinovae provides small 20ml bottles for wine, allowing easy distribution of samples.
  • Geovina is a mobile application that lets consumers identify wine restaurants, bars, events, and wineries in their area.
  • Wine Tour Booking is a platform to allow people to reserve visits, tastings or courses at wineries.
  • Wine Republik is a social network for wine enthusiasts, who want to explore wines from talented but lesser known winegrowers.  
  • Vinealove helps wine fans ‘find their soulmate’ among thousands of fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

BeverageDaily spoke to some of the entrepreneurs at Vinisud wine show in Montpellier, France, this week. You can also find out more about the complete collection of wine start-ups here.

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