Sud de France launches WineHub to tap lucrative export markets

Welcome to the WineHub! Courtesy of Sud de France


An online hub that connects wine sellers from the Languedoc Roussillon region of Southern France with national and international buyers was launched this week.

In 2013 3.368bn hectoliters of medium and high quality wines were exported from the region.

Pascal Barbe, executive project manager, Sud de France, told that WineHub has been developed to boost the region’s wine exports by making it easy for buyers to contact sellers.  

 “In the last few years we have seen producers getting more and more involved in websites,” he said.

Choose your wine, its volume and price range…

WineHub has a powerful search engine with lots of criteria, like the wine, or the volume you want, or the price range for export,” Barbe said.

With this tool it’s easy for buyers to say I want this or need that.”

Barbe describes the WineHub - you can access it here - as a mix between a B2B site and social media tools. It already has 190 wineries and 40 buyers signed up. “We hope for this year around 500 wineries and between 5-600 buyers from all around the world,” he said.

Belgium, China and UK key regions

Sud de France is a brand which promotes products from the Languedoc Roussillon food and wine industry. It has offices in New York, Shanghai and London, and will use its contacts to promote the WineHub. The site will be promoted at trade shows throughout the year.

Belgium, China and the UK are key regions for Languedoc Roussillon exports. The WineHub can be used in French, English and Chinese. Buyers and sellers can use the basic version for free.

The WineHub was launched at Vinisud in Montpellier this week.

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