Rockstar Energy auditions US sales stars with Apple iPhone app

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Packing a punch with Xora StreetSmart (Photo: Amy Whelan/Flickr)
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Rockstar Energy increased its number of US customer sales visits by 33% after it began using special software designed for the Apple iPhone, which it says helps it keep its ‘A-players’ on the team.

That’s according to an unpublished case study from mobile workforce management company Xora, which says the energy drinks brand (the third best-selling brand in US C-stores with a circa. 10% market share, distributed through the Pepsi system) adopted an application it designed to better manage its distribution network and a large number of remote employees.

‘Before we relied on anecdotal evidence…’

Rolled out in 2010, the Xora StreetSmart application allows Rockstar to track how many miles sales reps covered and how long they spent at each stop – since its introduction average customer visits have risen from 15 each day to 20.

Tony Guilfoyle, Rockstar president of national sales, said: “In short, we needed to make sure every store and every route was visited regularly, and got what they needed. It was a customer service concern for us.”

“Before we implemented Xora StreetMart, we had to rely on anecdotal evidence to make sure that every store that carried Rockstar Energy Drink received a visit from one of our reps on a routine basis.”

Stepping up sales performance

200+ Rockstar sales reps now check in on Xora StreetSmart to start and end their shifts, and when they arrive and leave each location.

“We can run various Xora reports and review that data. For example, we know that John had 15 stops per day, with an average of 16 minutes per stop, and that was consistent with previous weeks,” Guilfoyle said.

“So we know that John is covering his route, serving every customer in his territory and spending an appropriate amount of time with each customer.”

This data helped Rockstar during performance reviews, Guilfoyle explained, and helped the brand “to keep our A-players on the team while helping other employees step up their sales performance”.

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