Pepsi's new cherry-flavored brands top US ‘purchase intent’ chart

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Pepsi Cola with Real Sugar and Wild Cherry Flavor: US consumers like what they see, accoridng to
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US consumer insights platform says its August survey measuring consumer intent to purchase recent soft drinks launches puts PepsiCo’s Gatorade Fierce Blue Cherry at the top of the chart.

The Los Angeles-based startup claims to be the world’s first on-demand consumer insights platform, and its August survey is based on a ‘nationally representative' survey - at least 300 US adults aged 18 and over pre-qualified as Primary Grocery Shoppers, with the audience balanced by demographics including ethnicity, income, gender and age.

Using this sample uses its trademarked Shelf Score system to evaluate and rank ten of the 'most appealing' products (the company also covers other CPG categories) based on overall consumer interest.

The firm says it reviewed a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages available in grocery stores and online, making a final selection based on flavour innovation, interesting applications of new or popular ingredients and category disruption from small or unknown brands.

Mountain Dew Baja blast performs well

Interestingly, the top two beverages – Gatorade Fierce Blue Cherry and Pepsi made with Real Sugar, Wild Cherry – feature, well, cherries – they clocked 66% and 65% purchase scores respectively.

Protein2o Water weighs in at No.3 (62% purchase score), followed by Brisk Half & Half Cherry Limeade (60%), Nestle Pure Life Splash, Strawberry Melon (60%), Mountain Dew Baja Blast (57%) and Post Goodness-To-Go Dutch Chocolate (50%).

Red Bull Summer Edition (47%), Arizona Oak Reserve Tea (46%) and AMP Energy Dale Jr. Sour (38%) complete the Top 10.

Brand managers can measure ‘success attributes’

Shelf Score is derived from’s Concept Test, which is a concept testing platform designed to give CPG brands and retailers an easy-use tool to screen new product ideas.

It aims to give brand managers the power to collect feedback from mobile and online audiences to determine ‘success attributes’ such as purchase intent, consumer need/desire, differentiation and perceived value at a lower cost than current methods.

 The products included in the August beverages edition of Shelf Score were discovered in grocery stores and online channels across the U.S. To compile its list, reviewed a wide cross-section of products, making final selections based on flavor innovation, interesting applications of new or popular ingredients, and category disruption from small or unknown brands.  

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