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Meringue kiss 3D sweetener melts in hot drinks

The 3D meringue kiss sweetener Liteez. Picture: Lampados.

Lampados International has launched a next-gen meringue kiss sweetener called Liteez.

The patent-pending vegan sweet is a plant-based snack, free from allergens such as eggs, gluten, lactose, or nuts, and contains six ingredients.

Low-calorie snack

It will be showcased at the ISM show in Cologne, Germany (January 29-February 1).

Noam Kaplan, CEO, Lampados, said it wanted to create a new concept for a healthier, tasty, and indulgent sweetener which consumers can add to a hot drink or eat it as a low-calorie snack.

Two Liteez contain about two calories, instead of 20 calories in one teaspoon of table sugar, he added

"Liteez is the first 3D sweetener globally, and we shaped it as a meringue kiss for a more "homemade" feeling and not a powder," he said.

"There is no dual usage sweetener internationally today. In the confectionery industry it is possible to bake a vegan meringue kiss but it takes 14 hours and not on an industrial scale.

"Other meringue kisses will use either eggs and sugar substitutes as Erythritol but the taste and texture is different from regular meringue kisses or will use aquafaba with sugar and then again the texture is not the same. Our product has the exact texture and taste as the meringue kisses should be.

3D look & feel

"Regular sweeteners use certain kinds of sugars such as bulking agents Dextrose or Polyols such as Erythritol. We use vegetable protein and fibers as bulking agents. 

"Many 3D products today are trendy and fun. You can actually touch your food - this is the third dimension that was missing in our eating experience.

"We intend to market the product in the US and Europe."

Liteez partnered with Practical Innovation, in Israel, to develop the product with the goal of creating a sweetener with a new look and feel, in 3D.

Tal Laizer, CEO, Practical Innovation, said Liteez uses a vegetable protein that has the ability to foam like eggs which creates the ‘kiss’ texture and form.

The sugar’s functionality is replaced with prebiotic fibers to form a stable foam and maintain the kiss shape, while being highly soluble in hot drinks, such as coffee or tea,” he added.

Lampados was founded in 1975 and specializes in tabletop sweeteners and health products such as sugar-free syrups.

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