AGRANA Fruit expands into India through acquisition

AGRANA has bought a fruit processing plant in India.

Austrian fruit ingredient company AGRANA Fruit, part of the AGRANA Group, has acquired a fruit processing plant from the Indian company Sai Krupa Fruit Processing Pvt. Ltd.

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“Frutarom in a cup”: Firm showcases functional drink solutions as acquisition integration begins

According to the team, the process has the potential to enable 720,000 tonnes of biodiesel to be produced each year from spent coffee grounds. ©iStock

Spent coffee grounds: Unlocking a greener biofuel potential

EFSA's examination of sucralose has found no safety issues after a scientific paper found a link between the sweetener & cancer. © iStock

EFSA: Sucralose is safe and does not cause cancer

“The findings are intended to allay consumer concerns that may have developed due to a lack of sufficient information.” ©iStock/erierika

Safety fears of synthetic colour additives dispelled by IACM studies

In addition to standard beverages, a number of other caffeinated products, such as maple syrup, beef jerky, and donuts, have entered the market, suggesting substantial consumer interest in diverse sources of caffeine. ©iStock/ratmaner

Storm in a teacup? Review deems four coffees a day as safe

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High stevia volumes predicted despite low price and limited production

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Glanbia's patent-pending powder process removes need for lecithin in drinks

Although the cardiovascular safety profile of caffeine has been relatively well established, there is little published literature on the physical changes linked with multi‐ingredient energy drinks.©iStock

Energy drinks trigger ‘life threatening’ heart activity, study suggests

Defra’s Family Food Survey published in March, found sales of regular soft drinks fell by 34.6% between 2010 and 2014. Low-calorie drinks purchases increased by 35.8%. The survey stated that 38% of all soft drinks consumed were fully sugared, ©iStock

Artificial sweeteners raise stroke and dementia risk, study claims

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