Soup-To-Nuts podcast: Three trends driving growth in the bottled water category

Soup-To-Nuts podcast: 3 trends driving growth in bottled water

After years of steady growth in the high single-digits, consumption of water in the US has finally surpassed carbonated soft drinks to become the largest beverage category by volume in the United States, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. 

Will the tax encourage companies to reformulate? Pic: iStock

UK sugar tax: The big questions

How to describe HPP? 'Smart brands will have a very clear story, usually in video format or with some fun animations'

Explaining HPP to consumers: How brands use humor, videos and animations to present processing technology

FiE 2015: Our best bits

FiE 2015: Our best bits

Linda Neckmar of Probi AB with the Tasting Bar Awards trophy and ProViva drinks

The taste test: How do you make a probiotic drink taste good?

Tetra Pak consumers in the 1960s. A lot has changed since then, and the firm's focus now more than ever is on better understanding of shopper and consumer psychology, to inform the packaging design process (Photo:Tetra Pak)

‘We try to be one of them’: Tetra Pak exec discusses drive for vital shopper insight

Fabio Thomazelli from Tetra Pak addresses journalists in Modena last week

Tetra Pak says dairy consumers ‘tend to accept’ less package functionality

Monther T. Al Harthi, CEO, Al Rabie Saudi Foods says Middle Eastern expatriates living in the US and Europe are keen to buy his company's products

Saudi Arabia beverage giant Al Rabie reveals global growth ambition

Mirabeau En Provence owner Stephen Cronk stars in his winery's fun, viral video

‘Nice wine, no corkscrew?’ Mirabeau En Provence solution strikes YouTube gold with 8 million+ views

Fokke van den Berg from DSM Food Specialties, pictured with Omission, a Portland Oregon craft beer brewed to be gluten free

DSM claims craft brewer interest in gluten-free beer enzyme

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